Running a Home Business


There shall be no retail sale of materials, goods, or products from the premises.

The home occupation shall be clearly incidental to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes. The existence of the home occupation shall not change the character of the dwelling.

A. An allowable home occupation shall be conducted by an occupant of the dwelling.

B. There shall be no on-site or off-site advertising signs.

C. The use shall not generate more traffic than would be associated with the allowable residential use. To that end, traveling to and from as well as meeting or parking at the residence by either employees of the business operated therefrom who are not residing at the subject address or by customers or clients of the home occupations is prohibited.

D. There shall be no receiving of goods or materials other than normal delivery by the U.S. Postal Service or similar carrier.

E. Parking or storage of commercial vehicles or equipment shall be allowable only in compliance with the requirements for commercial vehicles in the County Code.

F. The on-site use of any equipment or materials shall not create or produce excessive noise, obnoxious fumes, dust, or smoke.

G. The on-site use of any equipment or tools shall not create any amount of vibration or electrical disturbance.

H. No on-site use or storage of any hazardous material shall be kept in such an amount as to be potentially dangerous to persons or property outside the confines of the home occupation.

I. There shall be no outside storage of goods or products, except plants. Where plants are stored, no more than fifty (50) percent of the total square footage of the lot may be used for plant storage.

J.A home occupation shall be subject to all applicable County occupational licenses and other business taxes.

[Ordinance 04-41, Section 5.02.00]