Guest House Building Requirements

Collier County Land Development Code (LDC)

Ordinance 04-41, as amended


The following information is taken from the Collier County Land Development Code,

Ordinance 04-41, as amended, and is being provided to users outside the Community

Development and Environmental Services Division in an effort to consolidate information now found in various sections of the Code. In some cases, information was inadvertently omitted from the new Code (04-41) when it superseded the previous Code (Ordinance 91-102). In such cases, the setbacks and standards of the previous Code will apply until the corrections are made to the new Code. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this document is accurate; however, users are warned that if this information conflicts with that incorporated in the existing LDC Ordinance 04-41, as amended, the LDC governs, and users are advised to consult the Code as needed.


5.03.03 – Guesthouses

Where a guesthouse is an allowable use, it shall be permitted only in compliance with the following standards. See LDC section 1.08.02 Guesthouse for additional information.

A.    No guest accommodation facility in a single-family residential district, whether a freestanding guest house or guest accommodations which are structurally integrated with the main dwelling , may be utilized for commercial purposes.

B.    Leasing or renting a guest accommodation facility shall constitute a violation of this LDC.

C.    If a main residence is leased or rented, a guest accommodation facility accessory to it may not be occupied by the property owner, since that would constitute the unlawful utilization of single-family zoned property for two-family dwelling purposes.

D.    The following site design standards apply to all guest houses:

  1. Minimum lot area shall be 43,560 square feet.
  2. Minimum lot width shall be 105 feet.
  3. The maximum floor area shall be forty (40) percent of the air-conditioned, enclosed living area (excluding  garages, carports, patios, porches, utility areas, and the like) of the principal dwelling.
  4. Detached guest houses shall not be closer than twenty (20) feet to the principal dwelling.

E.    A guesthouse may be constructed prior to a principal dwelling , provided the guest house meets the minimum requirements of a single-family residence in the district in which it is being constructed. At such time as a principal residence is constructed, then the floor area percentages listed above shall apply.

(Ord. No. 14-33, § 3.N)