Probate/Trust Services for Executors

Team Bailie provides an Exclusive service program for Real Estate Associated with a Probate or Trust scenario. Providing peace-of-mind for family and trust associates, this program is designed to identify the optimum sales scenario for all parties. Contact us for More Information Regarding this Program, Including the Elements Below:

All-Party Communication Strategy

We work with you to devise and carry out the optimum communication path through the entire process. This may include scheduled calls and email updates for family members, attorneys, lenders, etc. We will make sure that your Trust/family is in-tune with the processes they are to expect and a timeline that those events will occur.

Sell/Keep Market Evaluation

Is it best for you to keep the family property and rent it? What estimate would you give the property’s value if it were to enter the market today? As real estate advisors, we will research the market for you, helping your family make educated decisions regarding your options.

Permit Audit

In many cases, time is of the essence in selling a probate property. Permit problems may halt or stop the sales process. We provide a complimentary Permit Audit whereby a seasoned team member will pull the physical County records and review them with a representative from the County’s Growth Management Division to identify any outstanding permit issues and provide you with a plan of action to rectify any issue.

Home-Betterment Coordination

We partner with reliable service professionals who will bring your property to the best possible condition in light of the direction you have chosen. While we often do much of the “small stuff” ourselves, we can orchestrate bids from various providers for intensive home updates once requested.

We sell the Trust’s home. You get paid.


Visit our Probate/Trust page for family members.

See our Probate/Trust Glossary of Terms.